There are many terrific books, websites, periodicals, and blogs on the teaching and use of, and complementary thinking on, the Alexander Technique. This is a small personal selection.

Galvanizing Performance: The Alexander Technique as a Catalyst for Excellence

edited by Cathy Madden and Kathleen Juhl, 2017, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London
This is a book of essays on the use of the Alexander Technique for performers , and it includes a chapter by ME!!! “Is This Dance Made of Cake? An exploration of Alexander Technique in Choreographic Process” The approaches to teaching in this book vary, and each author includes a description of their perspective. 

The Use of the Self

by F.M. Alexander , first published in 1932 by Methuen & Co, London
This book is widely regarded as the touchstone of Alexander’s writings, specifically the first chapter, Evolution of a Technique. This chapter illustrates how Alexander discovered / developed the process that we now call the Alexander Technique. His path of discovery also stands as a roadmap to the process itself.

Teaching the Alexander Technique: Active Pathways to Integrative Practice

by Cathy Madden, 2018, published by Singing Dragon, and Imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London
This brand new book by my mentor, Cathy Madden, charts the pathways from using the Alexander Technique to teaching it. I learned to use and teach the Alexander Technique through an apprenticeship model with Cathy over a 20 year process. Her work, and her writing, is both practical and profound.

Onstage Synergy: Integrative Alexander Technique for Performing Artists

by Cathy Madden, 2014, published by Intellect, The University of Chicago Press
This is the first book by my mentor, Cathy Madden, who has over 30 years of experience training actors, as well as, ( lucky for me) and all kinds of other people, in the use of the Alexander Technique. This book should be in every performer’s library.

Alexander Technique International 

This is the website of my professional organization, of which I am a proud and active member. The website includes a list of ATI- certified and member teachers all over the world.

Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique

This website is an excellent resource for historical and practical information, including a list of Alexander Technique teachers. The publishers of this website also steward the website devoted to the work of Marjorie Barstow. Marj was in F.M. Alexander’s very first group of teacher trainees. Alexander taught Marj who taught Cathy who taught me. I am extraordinarily proud of this teaching lineage.