Ways to Learn

I teach Group Classes, Private Lessons, and Custom Workshops. In any format, my goal is to teach you this very practical tool so that you can use it in your everyday life, to do things both ordinary and extraordinary.  I teach in activity, just as you will use it in activity. This means that lessons may look very different from day to day, and are just as likely to include singing or working at a laptop as they are folding laundry. 


Private Lessons and Duets

Private lessons are an opportunity to study AT in a private setting, and allow you to explore your particular activities or interest. Duets are private lessons for two. Learn something new together!

Our first lesson will start with an Introduction to Alexander Technique, followed by an exploration of topics or activities important to you.  

Private -  $75  /  45 minutes
Duet - $120 / 75 minutes

3-Lesson Intro - $190
This private intro series includes three private, 45-minute lessons custom-designed for your chosen theme. Lessons are scheduled at your own pace within 3-months. Package priced at 15% discount and expires after 90-days. New students only.

8-Lesson Ongoing Study - $480
Take your study to the next level. Customized for your chosen focus to expand and deepen the life-long benefits of Integrative Alexander Technique. This package includes eight 45-minute private lessons at a 20% discount; a 10% discount to any Human series course; and 50% off any monthly drop-in group class. This package is non-transferable and expires within 1-year of purchase.

Group Classes

Group classes are a wonderful way to learn AT. There is so much value in learning with others and seeing all of the ways we are different and the same. It can also be more affordable. 

I teach a few flavors of group classes in different locations, including a general series — AT for Humans — and specialty classes — AT for Dance, and AT in the Workplace.  If you would like to see a class for a specific focus or group, please let me know!


Workplace Wellness Offerings

Want a way to refresh your physical and mental energy while you work? The Integrative Alexander Technique is a proactive practice of self-care that can be used anytime. In a very practical sense, Integrative Alexander Technique can help you be better at the work you do, and happier while you do it.

I offer a range of lesson formats tailored to the workplace, including onsite private lessons, lunchtime group workshops, drop-in learning clinics, and day-long team residencies. Topics covered include: the anatomy of sitting, standing, talking, typing, and communication; the beauty of having a head and spine; and the practical application of positive language and active verbs.

Each session is unique, customized to you, and designed for immediate use, leading to more time and energy for you to do the things you most care about.

“The hallmarks of the Alexander Technique are creativity, spontaneity, and adaptability to change.” - A.R. Alexander

Benefits of Integrative Alexander Technique in the workplace include:

  • Communication becomes stronger

  • Prioritization becomes easier

  • Repetitive activities become less tiring

  • Physical tasks become easier

  • Intentions become clearer

  • Choice becomes more available

  • Creativity flows

Let’s talk about what workplace offering might be right for you and your team!