I have been able to apply the techniques you taught me almost daily and it has made things as fundamental as getting up and down stairs easier and less painful and has given me a new way to think about how I move through the world.
— photographer Dan Morris

The Alexander Technique is a remarkably simple, practical process with broad applications.

It is a learning process that offers a way for you to access your natural coordination so that you may move, think and communicate more freely.  

AT champions this simple truth: As vertebrates, the relationship between head and spine matters. When we interfere with that relationship, it affects our whole system. When we learn to use AT to celebrate and support that relationship, all of our systems have a better shot at doing what they're designed to do. So we get to do more of what we want.

AT is useful for anything that you do where you think you might like a different or improved quality, or even just more information about how you are moving. One of its great features is that you use it while you are doing other things.  I started using AT to support my creative life as a choreographer and have found it elegantly applicable to every aspect of my life. 

The benefits of AT are unique to each person. Some reported experiences include ease and comfort in everyday movement, learning new ways to do things,  fewer instances of repetitive stress injuries, and increased energy and renewed intention for cherished activities. 

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